Welcoming Fall

Posted on September 28 2021

Welcoming Fall

Fall is by far my favourite season, I love spring and summer but there is something to be said about the beauty of fall. With the cooler temperatures starting to roll in and the changing of the leaves, it seems to be the season of slowing down to see the beauty in everyday and appreciating all that is around us. It's the season of gatherings with our loved ones, settling in for warm home cooked meals and evenings by the fire.

The colours of fall are so vibrant; the bright yellows, beautifully muted oranges and deep reds. In southern Alberta the leaves don't stick around long so we need to enjoy them for all of their beauty before the wind takes them away.  It really is a season of change and letting go.

Decorating for the season doesn't need to be costly or fussy. Think about bringing natural elements indoors. Grab some branches and add them to a vase on a side table and put pine cones in a decorative bowl. Change out pillows and throws with ones that have a lot of texture, natural motifs or even plaids. If you aren't one for much colour stick to earthy neutrals like browns and tans. You can still have fun incorporating pattern and texture into your space.

An easy no fail way to add seasonal elements is to start with a tray on a table. Grab a vase and add florals or branches to it. You need to add different heights to give interest, so beside the vase add a riser or a stack of books and put a cute little sign or a candle on it. Below your second height find a small bowl of pine cones, acorns or apples or even an autumn type figure like a squirrel or an owl. Now you have three different heights. You can leave as is or finish off with a string of prayer beads.

It's just that easy! Have fun, step back from your vignette you just created and see how it looks. Maybe you need to switch the candle and the figure around. Keep playing with it until it feels right to you. Remember this is your space so it should reflect your tastes.

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